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About The North Peace Bracket Racing Association

The N.P.B.R.A owns and operates the Napa Auto Parts Raceway in Beaverlodge Alberta. We are 100% volunteer run and non-profit.

We run 6 races per season, 4 bracket weekends and 2 street legal weekends.

Bracket race weekends run 1/8 mile for box, no box, bike/sled and junior classes and ¼ mile for pure street class. The street legal races run ¼ mile.

Executive Contact List 

President: Tal Saastad                                        

Vice President: Mike Gerow                              

Secretary: Paula Power                                      

Treasurer: Paula Power                                      

Facility Director: Terry Antosko                        

Bracket Event Director: Derek Falconer          

Street Event Director: James McFarlane        

Volunteer Director: Crystal Scott                     

Sponsorship Director: Crystal Scott                

Registration: Lorraine Gerow                           

General info: Paula Power                               

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